DTE is featured in the December 2018 edition of International ALUMINIUM Journal, the longest established professional journal for the aluminum industry and distributed worldwide, covering all facets of the aluminum value chain.

Aluminium production is a complex process in which aluminium is obtained by fused-salt electrolysis and processed in subsequent process steps. Throughout this process the aluminium is sampled for elemental analysis to determine further processing requirements to produce metal of appropriate purity and composition. At present, sampling is performed manually by withdrawing a ladle of molten metal, allowing it to cool and then transferring the cast sample to an on-site laboratory. This is repeated many times per day – a laborious and expensive process that delays the feed-back loop of production control information, leading to inaccuracy and inefficiency.

DTE’s element analyzer uses laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to provide an accurate real-time chemical analysis of the main elemental contaminants present in the molten aluminium, without contacting the surface of the metal. No manual handling or laboratory measurements are required. Limit of detection is well within working range for elemental analysis in the aluminium industry and error with respect to reference is unprecedented for in situ analysis.

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