Berglind Höskuldsdóttir received the award for the project: Implementation of real-time chemical analysis in the smelter potroom.

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – March 16, 2021

DTE ehf. (DTE) (, a leader in metals intelligence, is pleased to announce that DTE’s process analyst expert, Berglind Hoskuldsdottir, was awarded at the Icelandic Aluminum Cluster Innovation Event, for her analysis and exploration of the value and profitability for potroom operation using DTE’s real-time intelligence.

This was performed in close cooperation with Rio Tinto, analyzing the benefits of using DTE‘s portable device for potrooms and having the ability of reacting in real-time base on the analytics and predictive insights from DTE‘s intelligence platform.

Diego Areces, DTE’s CEO, also presented at the event.

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