DTE (, a leader in metals analytics and intelligence, is proud to have been chosen as a winner of the Tech Tour Future22 Digital Tech Category, one of just 38 companies selected out of 1000.

Every year Tech Tour meets with more than 2000 innovative companies in Europe which apply for our 20+ programmes in the sectors of digital, health tech and sustainability. From them, around 1000 take part in the programmes to meet with investors and peers and grow to reach their bold ambition.

From the 1000 selected companies committees of active investors in each sector picked the best 250 and Tech Tour challenged them to take part in Future22 – the gathering of tech companies, investors, corporations and professionals and a must for every tech entrepreneur. The online event took place on 23 – 25 March and the top 38 emerging (seed and Series A) companies were divided into 3 sectors – digital, health tech and sustainability.

DTE is focused on the multi-trillion-dollar metals production and manufacturing value chain, which is vital to our society and key to its decarbonization. Our unique, fully automated solution integrates proprietary elemental analyzers with our AI platform, generating predictive process intelligence to improve product quality, increase throughput, cut emissions, and improve profitability.

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About DTE

DTE, Unlocking the Future of Metals™, is the leading innovator in real-time intelligence from liquid metals, serving customers across the metals production and manufacturing value chain through maximizing value, sustainability, safety, and efficiency for all stakeholders.

Our purpose is advancing human progress with greener, safer, more efficient, and more valuable metals, contributing to the 1.5-degree challenge while driving its digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 with the next generation of IIoT analysis technology. DTE provides tangible financial and environmental business outcomes from the plant floor to the business levels through valuable intelligence and predictive insights from liquid metals.

IREAS™, DTE’s unique, connected, real-time intelligence from liquid metals solution seamlessly integrates IT and OT, combining chemical composition analysis from molten metals based on liquid-phase laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LP-LIBS™) with an artificial intelligence-based analytics platform and digital metals intelligence services.

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