DTE is pleased to announced the appointment of Ásdís Virk Sigtryggsdóttir to the new role of Chief Operation Officer at DTE, from today. Ásdís, who has been with DTE since 2021, leading project management, solution implementation, sales and development with our customers has also played a major role in the company’s funding process as well as strategic planning for DTE. 

Prior to joining DTE, Ásdís worked for Síminn, Iceland’s largest telecoms company, where she worked as a manager in Síminn’s sales department, project manager in innovation accelerators and as a Customer Experience Manager.

“During the time Ásdís has worked for DTE, she has been a key player who has taken DTE to the place it is today. She has been involved in all operations and succeeded with all of the projects she has gotten and we are stoked that she’s willing to step up as a COO and keep on building DTE for the coming future,” commented Karl Ágúst Matthíasson, CEO of DTE.

Ásdís holds a B.A. degree in Anthropology, Masters degree in Globalization and Development Studies from University of Maastricht and a Masters degree in Global Political Economy from the University of Kassel in Germany.