Our commitment towards a more resilient planet.

Metals are essential to human progress and play a key role in making many industries more energy efficient. Advances in metals are enabling transportation vehicles to become lighter and renewable energy technologies to be more effective. However the energy intensity of metals production generates a sizeable environmental footprint and the industry faces many challenges. Increasing efficiency and improving processes can therefore have a major impact on the environmental impact of the production process.

At DTE we strive to have a positive impact on the world around us. At their core, our solutions work to reduce energy use, curb emissions, and improve safety of workers in the metals industry. This is at the heart of everything we do and is of the upmost importance to us.

DTE sees itself as a vital part of helping the metals industry contribute to the 1.5°C challege, by increasing industrial efficiency and thus reducing carbon emissions. By making metals recycling more efficient and easier, DTE’s solutions further contribute to that goal.

Many processes in the metals industry are still manual and pose risks to the safety of workers. Through our innovative solutions we hope to improve the safety of those workers by automating processes and thus reducing the exposure of workers to risk.


Our commitment to a safe, fair and respectful working environment for everyone.

At DTE, we recognize that our people are our biggest asset and that their wellbeing, skills, and knowledge are the cornerstone of the company’s success.

The work we do is important, and all members of our team contribute to it. We have a valuable purpose that extends beyond our day-to-day work. Our employees are driven by that purpose and contribute to us reaching our transformational goal to benefit of us all and our societies. DTE offers challenging roles in a dynamic environment and our employees need to reflect that. DTE seeks to employ individuals who have the right mindset, are passionate, ambitious, and resilient and are willing to put in the effort needed to succeed. We are a result-driven and goal-oriented company and all members of our team need to possess these qualities as well. We pride ourselves in recruiting the best people, having a team that excels in whatever task they have at hand. To be able to innovate and succeed, you need to know that you are empowered and trusted. By empowering our people, we give them the freedom to innovate, create and excel.

At DTE we strive to create encouraging environment, where we reward good performance and give constructive feedback when needed. Procedures and processes should be clear and transparent and access to managers and representatives should be unrestricted, and information should be easily accessible to all. We firmly believe that employees feel better when they know what is expected of them and how their performance is measured. Therefore, we want to keep lines of communication open with regards to performance, work, and role, both formally and informally. Equally, all members of staff should have an opportunity to give feedback about their direct managers.

DTE is dedicated to being an exceptional workplace where we take good care of our employees. Our employees should be challenged in their day-to-day work, get ample opportunities to grow and develop, and acquire new skills and knowledge. Our employees should enjoy their work, have good working conditions and their work environment should be conducive to a healthy lifestyle. We value a good work/life balance, and this flexibility should be extended bilaterally. We know that sometimes our projects require extended hours, therefore we need to be aware of that sometimes our employees need the same flexibility.

Team diversity is an important factor for DTE. We know that diverse teams have better results, therefore we try to account for diversity where possible. We want to create equal opportunities and make sure that all decisions regarding hirings and promotions are taken on professional grounds, where performance, attitude and skills are deciding factors. Diversity to us is process of continuous improvement and constantly finding ways to do better, so we welcome being challenged on our assumptions and norms, that’s the best way for us to continue to learn and grow.


Working in harmony with all of our stakeholders.


DTE seeks to work in close cooperation with all important stakeholders to ensure that the maximum benefits of our innovative work can be realized for larger society. These stakeholders include the Icelandic government, educational institutions, and industry clusters.