DTE EA-2500


The latest addition to our flagship line-up, the ​DTE EA-2500 is a fully autonomous, robotic analytics solution specifically designed for turnkey integration into casthouse processes.

The DTE EA-2500 is able to operate without human intervention to provide fully automated real-time analysis at the skimmer station or other locations within the cast house, eliminating wasted time and operator variability.

Its thermally shielded 3-axis robot arm delivers molten metal to the analysis head and completes the duty cycle in less than three minutes.


Immediate and accurate elemental analysis

The EA-2000 applies proprietary and patent pending improvements to industry standard laser-induced break- down spectroscopy (LIBS) to solve the challenge of continuously performing immediate and accurate elemental analysis directly from the high temperature liquid metal surface.


How Does LIBS Work


Comprehensive, real-time overview

Real-time data capture is the key to full automation and machine learning driven robotic process optimization.

Real-time process feedback offers substantial opportunities, including improved production efficiency, energy and process cost savings from faster, more frequent measurements and improved operator safety through limiting the need for human intervention.

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