DTE’s Portable Potroom Solution At EGA

This August, DTE converted its deployment to a fully operational potroom solution at Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA), the world’s largest “premium aluminum” producer.

DTE’s portable molten metal composition analyzer and data platform for process analytics and insights are now in full operation at EGA’s Jebel Ali site, which has a capacity of 1.000.000 T/year in 1,577 reduction cells. DTE’s solution will enhance EGA’s decision-making ability by giving an instant overview of product quality and trends, providing predictive insights into process efficiency while detecting anomalies and optimizing operational value and control. DTE’s potroom solution is a new benchmark for process control, as it allows its users to optimize tapping schedules, prevent unexpected pot-failures, and eliminate the risk of error by next-to-pot analysis, all while decreasing costs and time spent on maintenance and calibration of traditional analysis instruments. DTE’s solutions offer real-time chemical composition data directly from the melt, reducing the time needed for analysis, allowing for more frequent sampling, and removing bottlenecks associated with composition analysis of solid samples, resulting in faster decision-making.

“We selected DTE’s solutions because we believe its technology will add unique value to EGA’s operations and growth,”  says Abdalla Alzarooni, EGA Vice President, Technology Development & Transfer, “we hope to work in a strong partnership with DTE.”

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EGA takes delivery of its first DTE analyzer

DTE ships first Real Time Intelligence from Liquid Metals Solution to Emirates Global Aluminium in UAE


DTE (www.dte.ai), a leader in metals analytics and intelligence, announces that it is shipped its first “real-time intelligence from liquid metals” solution Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA​) in the UAE.

Intelligence from Liquid Metals
DTE’s solution at Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA​).

DTE is both excited and proud to have our first solution up and running in testing operations at Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA​). We are thankful to EGA​, for its trust in DTE’s solution and capabilities, as part of its commitment to decreasing greenhouse emissions and digital transformation of its industrial operations. EGA will not only be benefiting from DTE’s chemical composition capabilities but also from DTE’s metal intelligence platform, which will be predicting – among other capabilities – unplanned pot failure.

We are also proud of our team and the two leaders on the ground, Kristinn Benediktsson and Dusan Markovic.

For more information, please, visit our website: www.dte.ai

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About DTE

DTE, Unlocking the Future of Metals™, is the leading innovator in real-time intelligence from liquid metals, serving customers across the metals production and manufacturing value chain through maximizing value, sustainability, safety, and efficiency for all stakeholders.

Our purpose is advancing human progress with greener, safer, more efficient, and more valuable metals, contributing to the 1.5-degree challenge while driving its digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 with the next generation of IIoT analysis technology. DTE provides tangible financial and environmental business outcomes from the plant floor to the business levels through valuable intelligence and predictive insights from liquid metals.

IREAS™, DTE’s unique, connected, real-time intelligence from liquid metals solution seamlessly integrates IT and OT, combining chemical composition analysis from molten metals based on liquid-phase laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LP-LIBS™) with an artificial intelligence-based analytics platform and digital metals intelligence services.

For more information, please visit www.dte.ai.

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