Real-time intelligence
from liquid metals

Serving the world’s leading manufacturers and metals producers with breakthrough decision support

DTE’s unique and proprietary LP-LIBS™ technology provides live elemental analysis direct from molten metal with reference grade precision and repeatability.

Find out how we are enhancing and transforming the metals production and manufacturing value chain with advanced decision intelligence and predictive analytics.

Data-Driven Predictive Decision Making

From the plant floor to corporate management, our mission is to unlock our customers’ potential to deliver greener, safer, more efficient, and more valuable products.

Find out more about DTE IREAS™, our unique and innovative real-time liquid metals intelligence solution for data-driven predictive decision making.

Solutions for the whole metals value chain

Providing immediate reference grade results direct from liquid metal, DTE’s portable elemental analyzer is changing the way aluminum potrooms operate.

Potroom Tapout

Improve cost and safety through DTE's powerful predictive maintenance analytics

Anode Consumption

Reduce energy consumption and improve process control

Pot Tapping

Superior knowledge about pot state to enhance pot tapping cycles

Integrating seamlessly into skimmer station, furnace and launder, DTE provides real-time visibility of metal composition at every point in the process.


Fully robotic solution to replace lab measurement of crucible composition with live in-process results.


Measure live kinetics of metal melting, stirring and volatility to optimize furnace use.


Measure liquid metal composition continuously in the launder for optimized casting.

DTE’s Metals Intelligence Platform provides end-to-end visibility of metal composition from furnace to casting.


Close the data loop for improved scrap selection and usage


Measure live kinetics of alloy melting, stirring and volatility to optimize furnace use.


In-launder analysis delivers precise composition knowledge during casting

Improve throughput and reduce cost for end-manufactured products with optimized casting control.

Alloying Optimization
and Design

Drive superior alloy design


Precise compositional knowledge enables end-to-end traceability


Unprecedented knowledge of metal composition

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What Our Customers Say

Shortens the analysis process and increases the number of analyses performed, providing various opportunities.
Environmental and Engineering Manager
Controlling any process at peak efficiency requires accurate, real-time measurements. This has always been a challenge in our industry due to the nature of the process. The traditional method of sampling and analyzing has an inherit time-lag. I believe the solution DTE has developed for real-time metal analysis could be the future standard in the aluminum industry.
Reduction Technical Manager
We see much potential in getting real-time chemical composition analysis from our process, not only in terms of time-saving and higher productivity but also in terms of safety for our employees.
Electrolysis Manager

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