Working at DTE

DTE is a global company that embraces diversity and is committed to be an inclusive workplace. Employee welfare is incredibly important to us – without our team we would simply not exist. While fulfilling the needs of our customers is one of our key roles, employee experience is also an essential part of the equation. Therefore, we do our very best to make sure that all our employees feel empowered, taken care of, and fulfilled in their roles at our company. We are a team, working towards a common goal that is bigger than any of us, and to achieve that goal we need to make sure that everyone has everything they need to succeed. We pride ourselves in only recruiting the best to work with us, so we know we need to take care of our people. We have three guideposts to help us get there:


The work we do is important, and all member of our team contribute to it. We have a valuable purpose that extends beyond our day-to-day work. Our employees are driven by that purpose and contribute to us reaching our transformational goal to benefit of us all and our societies.


We offer challenging roles in a dynamic environment, and our employees reflect that. We seek to employ individuals who have the right mindset and are passionate, ambitious, and resilient. We pride ourselves on recruiting excellent employees and having a team that excels and is willing to go the extra mile.


To be able to innovate and succeed, you need to know that you are empowered and trusted. By empowering our people, we give them the freedom to innovate, create and excel. We take ownership of everything we do and that needs to be done. We think and act like owners because we are.

Join our team

DTE is a fast-growing company that is continuously looking for the right team members, so keep an eye out for open positions! If you think that you fit the bill, but don’t see any openings that suit your skill set and experience, please send in a general application with a CV and a cover letter attached here.