DTE’s revolutionary metals intelligence platform and ecosystem

Process control of metals manufacturing has historically been limited by the need to cast a solid sample for analysis from the melt. Samples are collected, prepared and analyzed in a laboratory, delaying vital data that are necessary to actively and predictively control the process. This also introduces introduces many sources of potential error and safety risks to human operators.

DTE’s industry-leading LP-LIBS™️ sensor technology is uniquely able to deliver instant, reference quality and high-frequency elemental analysis direct from both high temperature liquid, as well as solid, metals.

Our solution offers the seamless IT/OT integration of this proprietary elemental analysis technology with a powerful AI-based analytics platform, enabling unprecedented real-time and predictive process control insights.

Together these deliver real-world improvements in efficiency, sustainability and safety, while enabling next-generation evolution of manufacturing processes.


Live elemental analysis from liquid metal

Composition sampling is critical for process control in metal production and processing, but until now has been manual and mostly empirical, requiring solid samples to be cast from the melt.

Our breakthrough LP-LIBS™️ sensor technology is uniquely able to deliver reference grade elemental analysis direct from high temperature liquid metals in less than 60 seconds from sampling, for enhanced process control and decision support.


Available anywhere

Some 70% of errors to arise from the manual nature of sampling today, which instrument accuracy cannot correct for. Operating either fully or semi-autonomously, depending on the setting, in situ analysis of homogeneous liquid metal offers greater accuracy than possible with solid sampling and reduces process lag time.

DTE’s full robotic automation also reduce operator risk from exposure to liquid metal during sampling – almost one fifth of injuries are burns caused by contact with hot molten metal.


Critical insights transforming process control

For each client we construct a custom solution comprising a package of our EA-range of sensors which are available in a range of formats suitable for gathering live data from every point along the metal and end product manufacturing value chain.

Combining composition and trace impurity information from every point in the process, DTE’s IREAS™️ AI-cloud solution transforms these signals into high-value, predictive decision making insights towards greener, safer, more efficient and more valuable products.

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